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With the belief that talking about mental health helps to end shame and isolation felt by those experiencing mental illness, the Guidance Office of Aquinas School will hold another mental health awareness seminar with the help of Every Nation Campus on Nov. 20, 2019. The seminar will center on students' "Emotional Well-Being in the Digital [...]


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With the theme “Stand TALL: Camaraderie in Collectivity”, students-leaders of Aquinas School braved the physical, mental, and emotional exercises and the challenges posted by the guest speaker, San Juan City Vice Mayor Jose Warren Villa during the annual leadership training conducted by the Supreme Student Council at the school grounds, September 14, 2019. About a [...]


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Aquinians have once again proven their oral and written communication prowess after winning in the Regional Schools Press Conference and Contests held in the District of Manila in October. Photo below shows Science Writing 3rd Placer Jett Matthew Reyes from Grade 6 and SHS students Jason Sigales, Dan Guirela, Philip Sumido, Paolo Lorenzo, Aaron Araza, [...]


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AS Football Club earned another milestone with its four wins, four losses, and two draws in this year's Rizal Football Association Tournament resulting in its 4th place ranking after a battle against La Salle Lipa late October. "Aquinas has improved. You can see the team spirit. All are consistent and no one surrenders despite the [...]

Relevance of St. Dominic to the Youth Highlighted on his Feast Day

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Aquinas School celebrated the feast of St. Dominic with a focus on the role of the saint for the youth of today. A triduum was held on August 5,6 and 7 with para-liturgy that centered on the life of St. Dominic and his contribution in the church. Prayers, dances and songs spearheaded by the Knights [...]

Modern Day Struggles of Missionaries, Focus of First Filipino Saint’s Feast Day Celebration

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Highlighting the martyrdom of the first Filipino saint, series of activities were held in celebration of the Feast Day of San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila, Sept. 28. This included the para-liturgy prepared by the Campus Ministry Department and the procession and narration of his life through a role-playing activity led by the members of the [...]

Ninth and Tenth Graders Participate in Inter-school Bible Quiz

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Aquinas School participated in the 2019 National Bible Quiz on September 7, 2019 at St. Paul Seminary in Makati City. Two teams composed of Mr. Francisco Aletho Cruz III, Mico Cruz and Jan Mikael Asis from the grade 9 and Mr. Enrico Estrella, Bernard Angelo Baclig and Jethro Lagmay from the grade 10 represented the [...]

Safety and Welfare Department Holds Earthquake Drill Orientation

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Have you ever imagined yourself in a situation where people can no longer properly stand on their own feet and are thrown into a state of intense fear and desperation by witnessing dozens of well-built buildings fall apart, bridges that used to connect become impassable, clusters of utility posts, monuments, towers, and such become either [...]

Towards a Dengue-Free Community

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As the Department of Health warns the public about the alarming cases of dengue in the country today, Aquinas School Health Department and the Parents Council spearheaded in coordination with the Municipal Health office of San Juan City the misting activity on September 14 and 26 respectively. Misting is an application system designed to spray [...]

Aquinians stand out in San Juan press con anew

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Aquinians once again proved their prowess in campus journalism in the annual Division Schools Press Conference held on 20 Aug, Mon, at San Juan Elementary School. The delegation of the school in the high school department emerged as the over-all champion with its several first place wins. In the list include Joseph Quinto - third [...]

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