Student Activity Program is designed to support curricular objectives with emphasis on developing talents and social interrelationship skills within the context of school’s philosophy vision-mission outside the classroom. Considering wide-variety of tasks of the instructional program; this program envision itself to further support instructions as it dwells more on leadership skills, teamwork and cooperation, moral and spiritual growth, social and civic consciousness, ecological and environmental concerns and aesthetic sense. It was redesigned to address the conditions in the next five years from 2016 – 2021.

  • There is a need to study the possibility of increasing the number of club meetings to ensure the realization of the goals and aims of the club.
  • A review of the policy on club membership is needed to have an equitable distribution of club members.
  • Ensuring the preparation and utilization of club syllabi by the club moderators.
  • There is a need for systematic documentation of club activities.
  • A regular training for all club moderators is needed to be provided to enable them to effectively handle club activities.

With these conditions, variety of activities were formulated to re-shape the student activity program. Certain policies were institutionalized and conduct of activities as stipulated herein is ensured by which cooperation and teamwork among the members of the academic team becomes a solid foundation in the realization of the new objectives.

Objectives of the Program

The rise of these conditions re-shaped the general goals of the student activity program. With the available resources, the student activity program is geared up to meet the following set of expectations target to achieve in the next five academic years.

  • Develop a manageable number of club offerings which are articulated well in both grade school and high school with a suitable number of members needed to operate the club’s program.
  • Provide a regular training for club moderators both formal and informal and structure a feedback mechanism to improve further the club offerings.
  • Formulate a feasible supervisory program of club activities to assist moderators in the conduct of output-based activities.
  • Enhance club meeting activities to increase the likelihood in achieving the main goal / skills of the student activity program.

Two Organization Categories

The student activity program is divided into two categories: Club organization and school-wide organization. Cub organization is usually an academic-linked organization intended to use the content of the subject to develop fundamental. Intermediate and higher level skills as enumerated below. School-wide organization is a service type of organization designed to work closely with the school’s activities and usually tied up with the national organization such as Boys Scout of the Philippines and Red Cross Youth Council.

Two-Pronged Program of the Club Organization

The student activity program works in two basic prongs namely club exposition and regular clubs. Club Exposition is offered to grade school students from grade one to grade three while regular club offerings are given to grades four to fourth year high school levels.

Club exposition provides the fundamental club offerings – Arts, Science, Mathematics and Sports. This exposes the pupils to wide variety of club choices and prepares them to the club which will further enhance their interests. The regular club offerings provide experiential learning of content of interest through operational and feasible club activities decided upon by the entire members as facilitated by the leaders through the guidance of the club moderators. Specifically, it operates based on the following skills which are gradually developed.

Fundamental Skills

  1. Listens carefully and attentively to instructions given by moderators.
  2. Expresses ideas with confidence and clarity.
  3. Accepts ideas of others.
  4. Attends meeting regularly and on time.
  5. Participates actively in group dynamics.
  6. Works with pair or team collaboratively.
  7. Presents output with creativity and aesthetic sense.

Intermediate Skills

  1. Works cooperatively with members and officers of the club.
  2. Expresses opinions and ideas with clarity and confidence and justifies ideas constructively.
  3. Shows abilities in leading members in a team or group.
  4. Participates in club meetings with dynamism.
  5. Shares ideas and opinions during club meetings.
  6. Exercises the right to suggest and share ideas that are in consonance with the club activities.
  7. Accepts criticism openly and positively.
  8. Presents output with certain level of aesthetic, creative and innovative sense.
  9. Handles responsibilities in the service of others.

Higher Level Skills

  1. Shows abilities to lead and manage the club with confidence and self-autonomy.
  2. Formulate specific programs in coordination with club members and with the officers and members of the other clubs.
  3. Practices sound decision-making during group activities.
  4. Plans and implements suggested activities congruent with the school’s vision-mission.
  5. Shows concern to nature and environment in words and in deeds.
  6. Handles club meetings with minimal supervision and guidance of the club moderators.
  7. Participates regularly and actively in social-action program/activities of the school.
  8. Expresses opinions and clarifies them judiciously.
  9. Speaks in public personal ideas with confidence and clarity.
  10. Presents output with high degree of aesthetic, creativity, innovativeness.
  11. Shows commitment in attending club meetings even outside the prescribed class hours.
  12. Shows enthusiasm in working harmoniously with members of the different club as well as club members and officers with of other clubs.
  13. Expresses the idea of academic honesty and integrity in words and action.

Aquinas School Supreme Student Council (SY 2019-2020)

President: Jethro M. Lagmay
Vice-President: John Paul R. Javier (Internal)
Jericho Angelo E. Navarro (External)
Secretary: Benjamin Joshua C. Lucas
Treasurer: Luis Ivan D. Marabur
Auditor: Joseph Ramir A. Certeza
P.R.O.: Joseph Mari G. Quinto
Business Manager: Ziraili L. Basa
Grade School Janzen G. Jacinto
Junior High School Enrico P. Estrella III
Senior High School Dan Daryl A. Guiruela