The library is where students can study, read and do research work through various resources and the internet. Books, magazines, newspapers and web surfing can be availed of by students provided they have their library card.  Care of library materials and equipment must be observed for the benefit of everyone. Strict silence must be observed at all times.  Eating is strictly prohibited.  Every student is enjoined to follow the library rules and regulations.

  1. Every student must have a library and IMC card to be used in borrowing and returning of library materials, AV materials and equipment.  Library and IMC card will be issued by the librarians during the orientation period.  In case of loss, a fee of 20.00 will be charged for the new library/ IMC card to be paid at the Treasurer’s Office.
  2. All clients entering the library are required to leave their bags, books, envelopes, fillers and folders at the depository shelves near the entrance door.
  3. When leaving, place the chair back in its proper place against the table.  Return the books, magazines, newspapers and other library materials to their proper places.
  4. All things must be shown for inspection to the librarian before leaving the library.
  5. Library supplies are strictly for library use only.
  6. Cleanliness should be maintained always.  The use of trash cans for used papers is encouraged.
  7. Students are not allowed to write on books, tables, chairs, walls or any part of the library premises. Anybody caught will be accorded the prescribed sanction.