Aquinas School Logo

Aquinas School has its own seal which embodies the goals and mission of the institution. The seal of Aquinas is surrounded by a circle which symbolizes the completeness of a holistic educational process.

Inside the circle is a heraldic seal of the Dominican Order (Aquinas being a Dominican School) in black and white. White stands for purity and clarity, which comes from knowledge and wisdom, and black stands for the dedication, effort and discipline, necessary in all human activity but, above all, in the field of education.

Within the Dominican seal there is a symbolic representation of St. Thomas Aquinas (after whom the school is named and under whose protection it is placed).

St. Thomas the greatest theologian ever and a man of encyclopedic knowledge, is presented by the face encircled by a sun with its rays projecting warmth, light and energy. This has been the role of St. Thomas in the history of education throughout the centuries as patron saint of Catholic Schools.

This, too, is the role Aquinian graduates are called upon to play in society; irradiating the warmth of charity and love by being concerned with the welfare of others, as Christian and Filipino citizens; projecting the light of sound principles and values by being effective and reliable leaders; setting in motion the power necessary for the betterment of society by holding dear to them the altruistic goals of education.