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  • Submit all requirements to the Guidance Office to secure Application Form to be filled up completely.

  • Secure testing permit from the Guidance Office.

  • Pay the testing fee in the Treasurer’s Office.

  • Take the entrance test on the scheduled date.

  • Result of the Entrance Test will be released one• week after the examination thru the Principal’s Office. Those who succes~flu1ly passed will undergo final interview with the Principal, Vice-Principal, or the duly assigned representative. Applicants must be accompanied by their parents on the scheduled date of interview.

  • Students, upon passing the entrance requirements of the school, are considered temporarily enrolled until the required credentials are submitted.

  • Successful applicants will be issued a reservation form by the Registrar to be paid in the Treasurer’s Office.

  • New students from Grade 3 to Third Year are placed wider academic and conduct probation for one year. They are made to sign a waiver. Failure to abide by the conditions of the waiver is a ground for separation from the school. High School applicants shall undergo preliminary interview by the Discipline Officer.

  • Admission of returnees shall be subject to the approval of the Directress/ Principal.


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