DOMNET Youth Group blazes trail in Aquinas

//DOMNET Youth Group blazes trail in Aquinas

Blaze the trail!

That was the mantra of the whole Dominican youth as Trailblaze: Luzon, the firstevent of the Dominican Network (DOMNET) Youth Group this year took place atthe grounds of the Aquinian community on Sep 29, Saturday.DOMNET National Coordinator and ‘15 alumnus Nathan Agustin said of the program, “Trailblaze aims to ignite the spirit of leadership and strengthen the Dominican Youth.” “It was made with the zeal to promote meaningful encounters among students from Dominican schools to strengthen the network among them,” Agustin added.

Different schools from different parts of Luzon participated in the day-long gathering, where inspirational talks and activities brought out the best in participants. The whole gathering started with a Eucharistic mass presided by Fr. Lauro de Dios. This was then followed by the traditional DOMNET clap done by the whole Dominican youth with “enormous and ignited” energy from the crowd, as they danced as one with the venue being filled with laughter and positivity. Inspirational talks were then delivered by Benz Rodiland Celina Castro, which taught participants about leadership. Participants were also given a chance to interact with others as they were divided into groups named after farm animals. They were asked to complete different activities that tested their teamwork, trust, values, and friendship. “[Trailblaze] shows the unbreakable ties between our community and the Dominican Network,” eleventh-grader and DOMNET Junior National Coordinator Harry Barotea said. Trailblaze: Luzon is just
one of the many events prepared by DOMNET to “set the trail among the youth”. Trailblaze: Visayas and Mindanao are set to take place in November and January in line with the celebration of the Year of the Youth.

Guidance Center talks mental health with students

The Guidance and Testing Center held a seminar on 02 Oct, Tue, aiming to raise awareness on mental health issues among Aquinians. Guidance counselor Mrs. Jungie Luna-Bautista emphasized the importance of mental health, saying that it is “more important than physical health because wellness starts in our mind”. “Acknowledging mental health issues may help emotional wellbeing,” Mrs. Luna-Bautista added. Peer facilitators Andre Abad, Shun Adanza, and Sean Rodriguez first presented the results of a survey of Aquinians on stress conducted last August. On a scale of 0 to 5 – 0 being “no stress” and 5 being “extreme stress”, the survey showed Aquinians, on average, scored 2.0. Rodriguez commented, “Not one student is perfectly fine, which means that the average student is either lightly or moderately stressed, though [this] is still alarming since a student shouldn’t be under much pressure to be able to focus on their studies. Organizers invited psychologist Mr. Antony Villarina, who earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Manila Doctors College and is presently working as a human resource manager at BSM Crew Service Center Philippines. Villarina’s talk focused mainly on maintaining mental wellness as students. Peer Facilitators President John Paul Javier also spoke on handling depression and anxiety. “Being a fellow Aquinian motivated me [to talk] about mental health to students… I wanted to seize an opportunity wherein I can pass on an appropriate mindset to them at an early stage,” Javier said. Mrs. Luna-Bautista then ended the program by formally introducing the Peer Facilitators: ninth-grader Enrico Estrella III, tenth-grader Jerome Demetria and Dan Paolo Lorenzo, and eleventh-graders Andre Abad, Shun Adanza, John Paul Javier, and Sean Rodriguez, describing them as “people who strictly uphold the value of confidentiality”. Mrs. Luna-Bautista
remarked, “I want Aquinians to remove the stigma associated [with] asking help due to mental illness – never to be scared… for there are people
willing to listen, understanding, and ease their

Aquinians stand out at San Juan press con anew

Aquinians once again proved their prowess in campus journalism in the annual Division Schools Press Conference held on 20 Aug, Mon, at San Juan Elementary School. The delegation of the school in the high school department emerged as the over-all champion with its several first place wins.
In the list include Joseph Quinto – third in Filipino copyreading, Joshua Lucas – third in Filipino editorial writing, Enrico Estrella III – third in Filipino feature writing, Marcus Allas – third in Filipino news writing, Sean Rodriguez – second in Filipino science writing, Jethro Lagmay – second in Filipino sports writing, Arkin Tan – second in English science writing, Austin Castaneda – second in English sports writing, John Paul Javier – second in English feature writing, Ramir Gumangan – first in Filipino editorial cartooning, Juan Gabrielle Martin – first in Filipino photojournalism,

Buwan ng Wika festivities highlight role of Filipino in nat’l development

Month-long festivities culminated in colorful performances from students on 6 Sep, Thursday.

This year’s celebration, themed “Filipino: Wika ng Saliksik”, focused on promoting the use of the national language in research and development.

Opening the celebration on 6 Aug, Mon, were members of the Filipino Club, who gave an  energetic dance performance, and eleventh-grader Philip Sumido, whole-heartedly delivering a poem.

Pagbigkas ng Tula was a contest open to students in Junior and Senior Kinder.

Sedrick Gañolon and Ethan Griffin Arceo won as champions in Junior and Senior Kinder respectively.

Madulang Pagku- kuwento was a contest open to students in the first to third  grades. First-grader Seth Hermes Cruz, second-grader Paget Krishna Pandey, and third-grader Shinji Dela Cruz won as champions in their respective levels.

Kakasa Ka Ba Sa Filipino? was a contest open to students in the fourth to sixth grades, in which students were asked a series of questions about Philippine history, the Filipino language, and the famous lines of its national heroes.

Fourth-grader Antonio Paolo Gabriel Luna, fifth- grader Mark Miguel Infante, and sixth-grader Andre Joseph Reyes won as champions in their respective levels. In Wikaratula, sections were encouraged to freely express themselves, showing love and respect for the use of the Filipino language. Grade 3—Compassion, Grade 6— Dignity, Grade 9—St. Jordan, and Grade 11—St. Raymond won in their respective divisions. Grade 6—Dignity won first place in the Sabayang Pagbigkas – a staple of the annual Buwan ng Wika celebration, with the Jennifer Aguilar piece “Filipino: Wika ng Saliksik.” For the high school department, BigSayAwit fused together choral recitation (bigkas), dance (sayaw), and song (awit), with the Pat Villafuerte piece “Filipino: Wika ng Maunlad na Bansa”. Grade 9—St. Jordan and
Grade 12—St. Valentine won first place in their respective divisions. As the celebration came to a close, students were reminded once more to
give importance and value to the Filipino language beyond the month’s festivities and promote it with the use of modern technology.

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