JUNIOR KINDER –  4 years old
    SENIOR KINDER – 5 years old


2.1 New students/transferees should have satisfactory grades in all subjects. They are admitted on the basis of their entrance tests and interview results, as well as their credentials upon conforming to the school policies, rules and regulations.

2.2 Students who wish to come back after having transferred to another school, provided with no derogatory records, are considered new students. Thus, readmission shall be subject to the approval of the Directress/Principal.

2.3 Non-Catholics are accepted provided the parents/guardians will sign a waiver stating their willingness to allow their son to participate in all religious activities and practices.

2.4 Applicants with incomplete requirements will be considered temporarily enrolled until requirements are completed.

2.5 Applicants shall undergo preliminary interview with the Guidance Counselor.

2.6 New students from Grade 3 to Third Year are placed under academic and conduct probation for one year.  They are made to sign   a waiver. Failure to abide by the conditions of the waiver is a ground for separation from the school.  High School applicants shall undergo preliminary interview by the Discipline Officer.

    1. REQUIREMENTS (upon application)
      1. Two photocopies of Baptismal and Birth (NOT HOSPITAL CERTIFICATE) Certificates; original copy to be presented for authentication
      2. Four pieces 1 x 1 ID picture with applicant’s name written on the back
      3. Original or certified true copy of satisfactory grades in Conduct and the Academics
      4. Letter of Recommendation/Certificate of Good Moral Character and Conduct from the Principal and Guidance Counselor
      5. AS Health Record Form
      6. Alien Certificate of Registration (for foreign students only)
      1. Submit all requirements to the Guidance Office and secure Application Form to be filled out completely.
      2. Secure testing permit from the Guidance Office.
      3. Pay the application and testing fee at the Treasurer’s Office.
      4. Take the entrance test on the scheduled date.
      5. Release of results follows.
      6. Successful applicants, accompanied by a parent / guardian, shall undergo final interview with the Principal or duly assigned representative on the scheduled date.
      7. Go through the enrolment procedure. A reservation form may be issued by the Registrar with the corresponding fees to be paid at the Treasurer’s Office.
  2. ENROLMENT PROCEDURE4.1.   Present Form 138 (Report Card) to the Registrar’s Office to secure enrolment form.

    4.2.   Fill out properly the enrolment form.

    4.3.   Pay the required school fees at the Treasurer’s Office.

    4.4.   Secure Admission Card from the Registrar (upon presentation of the Official Receipts).

    NOTE: ADMISSION CARD must be submitted to the Class Adviser on the first day of classes.


5.1 Foreign students may be admitted upon complete compliance with the requirements of the Commission on Immigration, Department of Foreign Affairs and DEP ED.

5.2 Upon admission to the school, a foreign student shall submit the following credentials in addition to those mentioned above.

  1. Photocopy of Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) with Affixed original copy duly signed by the officer from the Foreign Students Division, DEP ED
  2. Approved study permit and evaluation papers from the FSD, DEP ED