The Allied Sciences is one of the essential disciplines in the Basic Education curriculum of Congregation of the Religious Missionaries of St. Dominic (CRMSD). The is designed in accordance with the mission-vision of the congregation, that is, education is the formation of the student into Christ-centered person, a defender of truth, and a responsible citizen equipped with skills and competencies. Thus, this discipline provides the needs of the students, that is, to be integrated, competent, and morally upright young people.

The Allied Sciences Department comprises four major subjects in the curriculum. These are Science, Mathematics, Computer, and Technology and Vocational Education. Each subject is equipped with standards of learning: SCIENCE – Matter, Living Things and Their Environment, Force, Motion and Energy, Earth/Space Science, Science Investigations, Disaster Management, MATHEMATICS – Number and Trigonometric concepts, and Calculus; COMPUTER – Basic Computer Concepts, Operations and Maintenance, Microsoft Windows and Technology and Productivity Tools, Programming Languages, Current Issues, Home and Safety, Food and Applied Nutrition, Industrial Arts, and Entrepreneurship/Business Management. These provide guidelines on the topics necessary for the Dominican students to learn.

The content of Allied Sciences is intended to support the goals of the area for Dominican students primarily, mastery in mathematical and scientific concepts and skills so that eventually, they will become objective problem solvers, critical and logical decision makers, and technologically savvy workforce who coul compete in the global market. Moreover, it further aims to develop informed citizens who will be able to deal with the complexities of the real world and open-minded enough to embrace change, if needed.