As the Department of Health warns the public about the alarming cases of dengue in the country today, Aquinas School Health Department and the Parents Council spearheaded in coordination with the Municipal Health office of San Juan City the misting activity on September 14 and 26 respectively.

Misting is an application system designed to spray pesticides in a fine mist to kill mosquitoes. It is also one of the 4S in the program by the Department of Health to prevent dengue in the community. Other ways of prevention include 1) seeking and destroying breeding places; 2) securing self-protection; and 3) seeking early consultation which the school regularly assures even without the dengue outbreak or any epidemic diseases.

At the classroom level, advisers and the maintenance personnel are also ensuring that all instructional places where students regularly stay are kept clean and orderly. Regular dissemination of dengue-prevention information is done through infographs and public announcements as well by the health officers of the school.

Mr. Angelo Llauderes, the school nurse advises, “Parents have to be vigilant about the signs of dengue. Any indications should be consulted immediately with the medical authority for early detection and prevention.”

Despite San Juan being one of the cities identified with high incidence this year, Aquinas School conducts its best to keep the community dengue-free.

Below are some pictures taken during the misting.