Month-long festivities culminated in colorful performances from students on 6 Sep, Thursday.

This year’s celebration, themed “Filipino: Wika ng Saliksik”, focused on promoting the use of the national language in research and development.

Opening the celebration on 6 Aug, Mon, were members of the Filipino Club, who gave an energetic dance performance, and eleventh-grader Philip Sumido, whole-heartedly delivering a poem.

Pagbigkas ng Tula was a contest open to students in Junior and Senior Kinder.

Sedrick Gañolon and Ethan Griffin Arceo won as champions in Junior and Senior Kinder respectively.

Madulang Pagkukuwento was a contest open to students in the first to third grades.

First-grader Seth Hermes Cruz, second-grader Paget Krishna Pandey, and third-grader Shinji Dela Cruz won as champions in their respective levels.

Kakasa Ka Ba Sa Filipino? was a contest open to students in the fourth to sixth grades, in which students were asked a series of questions about Philippine history, the Filipino language, and the famous lines of its national heroes.

Fourth-grader Antonio Paolo Gabriel Luna, fifthgrader Mark Miguel Infante, and sixth-grader Andre Joseph Reyes won as champions in their respective levels.

In Wikaratula, sections were encouraged to freely express themselves, showing love and respect for the use of the Filipino language. Grade 3—Compassion, Grade 6— Dignity, Grade 9—St. Jordan, and Grade 11—St. Raymond won in their respective divisions.

Grade 6—Dignity won first place in the Sabayang Pagbigkas – a staple of the annual Buwan ng Wika celebration, with the Jennifer Aguilar piece “Filipino: Wika ng Saliksik.”

For the high school department, BigSayAwit fused together choral recitation (bigkas), dance (sayaw), and song (awit), with the Pat Villafuerte piece “Filipino: Wika ng Maunlad na Bansa”.

Grade 9—St. Jordan and Grade 12—St. Valentine won first place in their respective divisions.

As the celebration came to a close, students were reminded once more to give importance and value to the Filipino language beyond the month’s festivities and promote it with the use of modern technology.