History of Aquinas School

Aquinas School is a Dominican educational institution established for the holistic formation of the young to become men of truth and compassion.

1965 unfolded a new horizon among the Spanish Dominican fathers with the founding of an exclusive school for boys. It was built on a beautifully landscaped three-hectare lot at 183 F. Blumentritt St, San Juan, Metro Manila. It was named after the brilliant saint, St. Thomas Aquinas also considered the patron saint of all catholic schools.

Bulletin Update: March 16, 2020

March 16, 2020

Dear Parents & Guardians:


IT IS NOW OFFICIAL!   The 4th periodical examination will no longer be administered,  as contained in the DepEd’s Memorandum No. 042 , series of 2020, released this day, March 16, 2020, to wit:  4-b  “In areas where classes have been suspended by the relevant national or local authorities for the week of March 16-20 and thus preventing the holding of the scheduled 4th Quarter Examination, such in NCR and in are where local government units have suspended classes, the 4th Quarter Examination will no longer be administered.


In view of the abovementioned, the administration of both schools, Aquinas School and Dominican College,  hereby cancel the  final examination,  in diligent obedience to authority, which is the Department of Education, as was reiterated in previous bulletins.   Moreover,   the percentage component of the periodical examination in different subjects shall be added to the percentage component of the Written Output.  (Please refer to the Student’s Diary and Manual for percentage allocation per subject and computaion of grades).


On the other hand,  in consonance with  the Social Distancing Policy adopted by the Department of Education, the following policies shall be implemented:

·         Performance Tasks are to be submitted online as per the deadlines set by the subject teachers;

·         Clearance signing will no longer be undertaken by the students; Respective advisers will take charge,  and will just communicate to the parents any defficiencies;

·         The holding of the rites such as the Moving Up, Recognition , Thanksgiving Mass  and Graduation is scheduled on April 14-17.  However, in particular to this,  the administration of both schools are  giving the parents the option to forego the ceremony or hold it within the DepEd prescribed dates.  Related online survey will be coursed thru the advisers of Pre-school, grade 6 ,  grade 12 and recognition awardees.  The results of which shall be the bases for foregoing or holding the ceremonies.   Thedecision of the majority shall be strictly followed.  Any awardee or candidate for Moving Up and Graduation is requested to have only two companions.

 The Finance Department shall be open from March 23 onwards to address concerns regarding unsettled accounts;   The Registrar’s Office and Guidance personnel shall also be available for early enrolment and testing services.


The Report Cards shall be released by the Registrar and Accounting personnel from April 28-30.  

Aquinas School and Dominican College wholeheartedly appreciate your  full understanding, cooepration and partnership with us.

God bless us all.


Yours in Christ,

Aquinas School and Dominican College Administration

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Event Calendar

  • March 2
    HUMSS Symposium

  • March 4-10
    Long Test 2 (Grades 1-12)

  • March 9-13
    Grade 12 Exhibit Week

  • March 11
    Akinyan at Para sa Lahat Year-end Book Sharing & Recognition
    Fire Drill

  • March 13
    APEX Day (Class Outstanding Accomplishments from JK-12)
    Faculty Development Session

  • March 16-18
    Final Examinations (JK to Gr. 12)

  • March 19-20
    Clearance Completion / Year End Party

  • March 20
    Supreme Student Council 2020 Election
    BSP Investiture & Overnight Camping (Gr. 4-6)

  • March 21
    Recollection of Students and Parents (Graduating)

  • March 23
    Start of Practices for Graduation and Recognition

  • March 24
    Deliberation of Graduating Students

  • March 25
    Deliberation of Non-Graduating Students

  • March 26
    Moving Up Activity (Pre-School)