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Aquinas School

Contact Information

Aquinas School

183 F. Blumentritt St. San Juan City. Philippines

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+632-724-54-66 to 69

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Programs of the LRC

Top Book BorrowerThe LRC gives recognition to the well-read students and teachers. This will motivate the library clients to borrow library books. The LRC gives a certificate and a special gift for the top 3 who borrowed the most library materials every quarter. Aside from individualized recognition the LRC also recognized the well-disciplined and well-read section from Grade School to High School during their Library Periods.
Book Month Festival-one week Book Fair held at the Aquinas School gallery
-logo-making contest
-bulletin board display > teachers' favorite book
-book mark making
Hug-A-BookBookmarks were given to the LRC users that served as a survey for the readers and their favorite book/s in the GS LRC. This will encourage the young ones to have a quality reading time with their family and friends.
Book as a FriendThe primary objective of this program is to encourage young LRC users to enjoy the magic of reading through the library and books. Grade School LRC created a rewarding experience for the LRC users through a whole new wonderful way of introducing the kids to literacy. With the Scholastic Inc. (and hopefully this coming years I can invite other book publishing company) the launching of Readers Club gave incentives to the GS book borrowers. Activities were held like storytelling sessions, book talks and a short program. LRC users from Grade 1 to Grade 3 were the recipients of the said program.
Pizza Hut, book it! Reading Incentive program (for grades 1 and 2)A reading program sponsored by pizza hut to motivate children to read by rewarding their reading accomplishments with praise, recognition and fun.
Birthday BooksBooks are a meaningful and lasting way to mark one's birthday. With the birthday book program, teachers will have the opportunity to read a book that would be delivered to teachers' on their birthday. The librarian attached a special card to the book and it comes from the LRC collection. The teachers' get hold the book for a month...Enjoy Reading! and Happy Birthday.
Revitalized Reading Program (RRP)This program is intended for all grade school students, but this year the English Department focused on Grade1 - grade 4 pupils. This program will help the reading competency levels of the pupils and at the same time increase the reading performance and promote reading appreciation among grade school pupils.
Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) ProgramRequires all students and the teachers to stop everything else they are doing at their designated DEAR time schedule. Students with their advisers stayed in their classroom and will be expected to stop the current activity, pick up their reading material and begin to read.
Books-on-CartBooks-On-Cart is an LRC service that brings the collection of the library to the students and teachers who cannot come to us. A librarian or a library aide makes regular visits on DEAR time for a regular check out and check in of books. Materials such as fiction and some magazines are on cart.

Pictures of the LRC

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