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Contact Information

Aquinas School

183 F. Blumentritt St. San Juan City. Philippines

Telephone Numbers:

+632-724-54-66 to 69

Fax Number:


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Information Sheet


Medical Certificate

Scholastic Record


  1. Submit all requirements to the Guidance Office to secure Application Form to be filled up completely.
  2. Secure testing permit from the Guidance Office.
  3. Pay the testing fee in the Treasurer’s Office.
  4. Take the entrance test on the scheduled date.
  5. Result of the Entrance Test will be released one week after the examination thru the Principal’s Office. Those who succesflu1ly passed will undergo final interview with the Principal, Vice-Principal, or the duly assigned representative. Applicants must be accompanied by their parents on the scheduled date of interview.
  6. Students, upon passing the entrance requirements of the school, are considered temporarily enrolled until the required credentials are submitted.
  7. Successful applicants will be issued a reservation form by the Registrar to be paid in the Treasurer’s Office.
  8. New students from Grade 3 to Third Year are placed wider academic and conduct probation for one year. They are made to sign a waiver. Failure to abide by the conditions of the waiver is a ground for separation from the school. High School applicants shall undergo preliminary interview by the Discipline Officer.
  9. Admission of returnees shall be subject to the approval of the Directress/ Principal.

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  1. Two photo copies of Birth (NOT HOSPITAL CERTIFICATE) and Baptismal Certificates; Original copy to be presented for authentication
  2. Four pieces 1 x I ID picture with applicant’s name written on the back
  3. Original or certified true copy of satisfactory grades in Conduct and the Academics
  4. Letter of Recommendation / Certificate of Good Moral Character and Conduct from the Principal and Guidance Counselor

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Admission of New Students:

Age Requirements

  1. Kindergarten - 4 1/2 (by June)
  2. Preparatory - 5 1/2 (by June)
  3. Grade 1 - 6 1/2 (by June)

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Admission Scheduling

The Guidance and Testing Center is now open for new applicants for the school year 2012-2013. The schedule for admission testing is done per batch regardless of the year level or grade level. Please visit the Aquinas School Guidance and Testing Center or call 724-54-66 to 69 and ask for Mrs. Elizabeth Solis. The Guidance and Testing Center is open from 7:30 – 4:00 PM.

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Schedule of Enrollment SY 2012-2013

Kinder/PrepMay 4, 2012
Grade 1May 8. 2012
Grade 2May 9, 2012
Grade 3May 10, 2012
Grade 4May 11, 2012
Grade 5May 15, 2012
Grade 6May 16, 2012
First YearMay 17, 2012
Second YearMay 18, 2012
Third YearMay 22, 2012
Fourth YearMay 23, 2012

For questions and inquires regarding the enrollment of your son, please feel free to visit the Aquinas School Registrar’s Office or call 724-54-66 to 69 and ask for Mr. Edward Solis, School Registrar.

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